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Premium Black Raisins



Premium Black Raisins

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  • Raisins are juicy and have a chewy texture that will make you crave for a toothsome morsel. Also, the shriveled yet fleshy soft pulp will make you devour these tasty raisins
  • Dried raisins can be used in your day-to-day culinary like your salads, fruit bowls, slathered celery sticks, trail mix, oatmeal, smoothie, mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables and other side dishes
  • These flavorsome and inviting raisins can be an alternative to processed sweeteners and other refined sugars
  • Can also be used in your cakes, muffins, loaves, breads, yogurt and pancakes
  • Raisins Available in different flavors from Reem: Abjosh Raisins, Afghan Raisins, Black Raisins, Black Raisins Premium, and Unflavored Raisins in 250 Grams each


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