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Dried Kiwi



Dried Kiwi

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  • Dried Kiwi Fruits are dehydrated candied and free from artificial flavor and coloring
  • While the fiber promotes digestive health, the lutein and zeaxanthin in kiwifruits improve your vision. Reservoir of vitamin C, contains twice as much as Oranges
  • This product comes in a Pack of Dried Kiwi Fruits 500 grams
  • Can be used to make desserts and salads. Also consumed as jams, marmalades, jellies, etc
  • Dried Kiwi Helps in Boosting immune system. Kiwis are powerful sources of antioxidants that boost immunity and help prevent respiratory ailments like asthma
  • Ingredients: Dried Kiwi, Sugar, Citric Acid
  • Best Before 4 months from the date of packaging when refrigerated at 15-20 Degrees Celsius


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